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Headsets and Earphones Use in the Workplace

Headsets and Earphones Use in the Workplace

How do the Regulations apply and how can we measure noise exposure levels? It may not be obvious to many, but employees who regularly use headsets and earphones in workplace environments like command and control rooms, call centres, trading floors, television...

Why noise instrumentation is not always the dBs.

Why noise instrumentation is not always the dBs.

If you have to raise your voice to communicate face-to-face, in a socially-distanced workplace setting, then you probably have a noise problem. Pass Go, collect £200 and head straight to the hierarchy of controls (see Figure 1). Figure 1 Source: NIOSH You may want to...

Restaurant noise – a barrier to enjoyment.

Restaurant noise – a barrier to enjoyment.

We go to a restaurant to enjoy the food and ambience, but also as a social event; it offers us an opportunity to catch up with friends and enjoy a chat. For many people high levels of restaurant noise acts as a barrier to inclusion in conversation so affecting their...

Protect your ears for life!

Protect your ears for life!

The UKHCA have 5 special interest groups to focus attention on raising awareness and influencing groups who we feel are at most risk and would benefit from advice and steer in hearing health care.  One specific group we are aiming to influence is young people who are...

Turn the noise up!?….

Turn the noise up!?….

It is indeed a strange time we live in and the changes made to what used to be accepted as our “daily routine” have for some people had unexpected and unforeseen disadvantages. Where a large portion of the workplace have been furloughed at home some people have...

Headphone Habits During Lockdown

Headphone Habits During Lockdown

The last three months or so have been the most extraordinary in my life. Fortunately whilst several of my immediate family have had Covid 19 they have made good recoveries with no apparent long lasting effects. I do hope that you and yours are...

Could headphones be damaging your Children's hearing?

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5 ways to protect your Hearing

With the World Health Organisation (WHO Report ) suggesting that more than 1 billion of us are at risk of permanent hearing loss here are 5 ways you can protect your hearing.


Firstly, test your hearing. Try the easy, free app, hearWHO (Link to hearWHO app). Keep a record of your score and retest yourself every six months or so. If you are worried about your hearing see your doctor.


Try to avoid exposure to loud sounds/long periods of exposure. Loud sounds are common at live events, music and motorsport, when shooting, using power tools, lawn mowers and riding motorcycles. If you are attending, taking part or using noisy equipment make sure you wear hearing protection.


A common source of large sound doses is from using headphones. Consider timing how long you are using your headphones are and check out your listening levels. It may help you to download a hearing safeguarding app, which will total the time and level for you, and let you know when you’re overdoing it.


Upgrade your ear buds to good quality ‘over-ear’ headphones which will reduce the background noise so you can listen at a lower level. For the noisy public transport consider buying active noise cancelling headphones.


When you go to live music events take hearing protection with you and use it when the support act is on to give your ears a break and leave them fresh for the main attraction.