Top 10 Noise Control Solutions

Vibration Control

  • Vibration damping

reduce noise from guards, hoppers, conveyors, tanks etc by adding constrained layer damping that is both rugged and hygienic. 5dB – 25dB attenuations are often practical at a cost of a few £hundred or less.

  • Vibration isolation pads

isolate motors, pumps, hydraulics from noise amplifying sounding boards. Noise reductions of 3dB – 25dB often possible at £30 – £100.


  • Fan installation and efficiency

maximum efficiency = minimum noise. Ensure that ductwork and fan installation geometry allow smooth passage of air. 5dB attenuation typical – self-financing

  • Aerodynamic fan noise control – silencing without silencers

retro-fit aerodynamic modifications can reduce noise and give higher efficiency – can be self-financing. 5dB – 25dB attenuation.


  • Pneumatic exhausts
  • Pneumatic nozzles

efficient entraining nozzles that produce less noise (10dB+) and use 20% less air for the same performance – self-financing and profitable.Machines

  • Chains and timing belts

simple modifications to reduce noise levels; splitting belts, tension and using low noise designs. 5dB – 15dB attenuation, negligible cost.

  • Electric motors

some are easily modified (fan silencing); modern high efficiency units are also quieter. 3dB – 12dB attenuation at £100 – £600 cost.

  • Hydraulic power packs

many are designed to maximise noise levels – easily corrected via vibration isolation and flexible hoses. 5dB – 20dB attenuation often practical at £200 – £900.Existing machine guards

  • Convert to acoustically effective guards

existing safety guards can often be modified to make them effective acoustic guards by reducing openings and introducing some acoustic absorbent inside at convenient locations (hygienic absorbent is also available). 3dB – 15dB at £100 – £1000.

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