UK Hearing Conservation Association

Passionate about preserving and promoting the protection of our nation’s hearing health

Our Mission
‘preventing damage to our nation’s hearing health and other noise related health conditions; through practical, evidenced and cost-effective communications and solutions’

The UK’s first multi-disciplinary association dedicated to preventing damage to hearing health and to reduce other noise related health conditions.



At Work

to source best practice advice and key messages for industry to prevent exposure to harmful noise and raise awareness of noise as a health risk.

At Leisure

to source best practice advice and key messages for individuals to protect themselves from exposure to harmful noise and raise awareness of noise as a health risk

Educating Young People

to develop or source motivational and educational materials for young people to have a healthier relationship with sound.

Music and Entertainment

to deliver a ‘Hear for Tomorrow’ Symposium in March 2021 to raise awareness and influence change in the music and entertainment industry.

News and Events

UKHCA Updated news, information and guidance 

2nd UKHC Annual Conference

2nd UKHC Annual Conference

This years theme; HearWELL - the role of hearing conservation in ensuring and driving good health & wellbeing for everyone Following the success of our inaugural conference we are back for 2023 with a continued passion to raise awareness and drive change in...

Hear for Tomorrow!

Hear for Tomorrow!

On the 30th March 2022 the Royal Academy of Engineering hosted the 103 week delayed Hear for Tomorrow event! The event was jointly organised between the Institute of Acoustics and the UK Hearing Conservation Association with support from the UK Acoustics Network...


UKHCA Frequently Asked Questions

UKHCA Frequently Asked Questions

To support those in construction and other industries to tackle noise the UKHCA have produced a series of frequently asked questions.  This guidance covers; How to tackle noise in construction, measuring noise, controlling noise and the use of hearing...

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